• LipidXplorer v1.2.8.1

    LipidXplorer is a software that supports a variety of untargeted shotgun lipidomics experiments. It uses user-defined MFQL rules to identify and quantify lipids. It is designed to support bottom-up and top-down shotgun experiments on all types of tandem MS platforms.

  • LUX Score v1.0.1

    LUX score is the first metric for comparing lipidomes. It provides a measure of homology between lipidomes similar to genetic analyses (Marella et al. 2015, PLOS Comp. Biol) based on structural similarities between SMILES and visualizes the results.

  • LipidCreator v1.1.0.734

    LipidCreator is a powerful kick-off tool for targeted lipidomics and an external tool for Skyline. It provides convenient methods to generate transition lists for labeled and unlabeled lipids. LipidCreator can also run in stand-alone mode for integration with other workflows.

  • mzTab Validator v1.0.23

    Reference validator for mzTab 2.0 for metabolomics. mzTab-M 2.0 is a data exchange format for mass-spectrometry-based experimental data from the "omics" and neighboring sciences, focusing on small molecules like metabolites and lipids.

  • SpeCS v0.7.0

    The spectral comparison score (SCS) algorithm provides a well-defined quality control approach for PRM based quantitation of lipid mediators. The score is based on the correlation between structural similarity and MS/MS fragmentation profile.

  • LIFS Web Apps v1.1.24

    We provide most of our tools as web-applications additionally to the stand-alone versions. Please click below to go the web application portal to see the available tools. Please note that you may need to contact us to receive a user-account for some of the applications.