LUX Score is the first metric for comparing lipidomes. It provides a measure of homology between lipidomes similar to genetic analyses (Marella et al. 2015, PLOS Comp. Biol). We will provide a software package for computing the LUX Score from your lipidome data interfacing it to LipidXplorer and other softwares for lipid ID and quantitation.


  • LUX score for Windows
  • LUX score for Linux
  • Error Modeling functionality


  • Lars F.  Eggers, Julia  Müller , Chakravarthy  Marella, Verena  Scholz, Henrik  Watz, Christian  Kugler, Klaus F.  Rabe, Torsten  Goldmann  & Dominik  Schwudke, Lipidomes of lung cancer and  tumour-free lung tissues reveal  distinct molecular signatures  for cancer differentiation, age,  inflammation, and pulmonary  emphysema, Scientific Reports, 2017. (Accepted)
  • Schwudke, D and Shevchenko, A and Hoffmann, N and Ahrends, R, Lipidomics Informatics for Life-Science,   Journal of Biotechnology,   Elsevier, 2017.

The current version is available at

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