LipidXplorer is a software that supports a variety of untargeted shotgun lipidomics experiments and experiments from LC/MS lipidomics. It is designed to support bottom-up and top-down shotgun lipidomics experiments performed on all types of tandem mass spectrometers. Lipid identification does not rely on a database resource of reference or simulated mass spectra.

LipidXplorer v.1.2.8

October 14th, 2019

Please see the official release notes here.

LipidXplorer for Windows  LipidXplorer for Linux  LipidXplorer benchmark data

Installation instructions and Tutorials for LipidXplorer are available here.

LipidXplorer v.1.2.7

May 19th, 2016

LipidXplorer for Windows

Citing LipidXplorer

If you use LipidXplorer, please cite the original LipidXplorer publication:

  1. Herzog R, Schuhmann K, Schwudke D, Sampaio JL, Bornstein SR, Schroeder M, et al. (2012) LipidXplorer: A Software for Consensual Cross-Platform Lipidomics. PLoS ONE 7(1): e29851.

Additionally, if you are using a particular version of LipidXplorer, from version 1.2.8 onwards, each release has a citable DOI for LipidXplorer@Zenodo.

Contact and Help Desk

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The current documentation is available below or here.